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Stonework Restoration of Leeds Castle
Leeds Castle News30 October 2021

Bringing History to New Heights

Leeds Castle Trustees Celebrate the Commencement of Stonework Restoration

Join us as we recount the remarkable visit of Leeds Castle’s Trustees, who climbed the stonework scaffolding, symbolising the commencement of a vital restoration project. This occasion celebrates the £565,000 grant from the Culture Recovery Fund, awarded by Historic England through the Heritage Stimulus Fund’s second round. It is with great pride and gratitude that we share this moment, as Leeds Castle embarks on a visionary endeavour to safeguard its historic charm.

Embarking on a Restoration Journey: Nestled amidst the breath-taking landscapes of Kent, England, Leeds Castle has stood as a testament to our nation’s rich history for centuries. However, the ravages of time and weather had taken their toll, necessitating vital repairs to the exterior stonework of the Castle. In a concerted effort to preserve its structural integrity and ensure its continued grandeur, Leeds Castle turned to the Culture Recovery Fund for support.

A Generous Boost: The Culture Recovery Fund recognises Leeds Castle as a vital cultural asset, and generously provided an astounding £565,000 grant. This substantial boost from Historic England’s Heritage Stimulus Fund second round enabled the Castle’s stonework restoration to commence, breathing new life into its architectural splendour. Thanks to this grant, Leeds Castle can continue captivating visitors with its rich history for years to come.

The Trustees’ Symbolic Climb: In a touching display to celebrate the grant and learn more about the preservation work, Leeds Castle’s Trustees embarked on a special visit during the commencement of the project. Ascending the stonework scaffolding, they symbolically marked the beginning of this transformative journey. With each step, they embraced the Castle’s heritage and showcased their unwavering commitment to preserving its historical significance.

Preserving the Essence of Leeds Castle: The meticulous restoration work undertaken at Leeds Castle serves as a labour of love, employing local skilled craftsmen via PAYE Stonework, and traditional Kentish Ragstone from local supplier Gallagher Group, to revive the stonework to its former glory. Each stone restored ensures the preservation of the Castle’s unique character, allowing visitors to witness and appreciate the architectural marvels that have withstood the test of time.

Gratitude to Historic England and the Culture Recovery Fund: Leeds Castle extends heartfelt gratitude to Historic England and the Culture Recovery Fund for their unwavering support. Their belief in the importance of preserving our heritage and cultural landmarks has been instrumental in preserving the legacy of Leeds Castle. Their generosity has ensured that this iconic site can continue to inspire awe and wonder for generations to come.

So, when you next set foot within the magnificent walls of Leeds Castle, remember the collective efforts that made its restoration possible. Let us express our gratitude to the Culture Recovery Fund and Historic England for their dedication to preserving our shared history, enabling Leeds Castle to stand proudly as a timeless testament to the treasures of our past and look forward to the future.