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General21 July 2023

Falconry & Wildlife Blog – Hello July

How are we over halfway through this year already?

Now firstly, this blog is going to be focused on Falconry and the Bird of Prey Centre. My last blog talked a lot about wildlife so it’s only fair to chat a little about the other element to our department, especially as there have been some amazing changes and new additions! But before we get to all that, we do have some incredible wildlife news that cannot go unannounced! 

For the first time in Leeds Castle history, we have Egyptian Geese successfully breeding on the Estate! 

For those of you that don’t know what these are, we’ve added some pictures! 

Egyptian geese are absolutely beautiful. A real unique species that have been here for the past few years but only in passing. Never have they stopped to take up residency until now! 

So, about a week ago, these gorgeous babies, named Heba (meaning Gift) and Habibi (meaning my love) appeared in our woodland walk. We were pretty sure the resident pair were breeding but hadn’t been able to confirm it! 

This is huge news for our team and just shows that some of the things we’re doing for wildlife (in the background) are actually helping and encouraging different species. Amazing! Keep an eye out for them on the Estate when you’re next visiting!

If you thought that was cute, wait until to hear about the newest additions at the Bird of Prey centre. 

First up we have Malcolm, our baby Turkey Vulture. I know what you’re thinking, ‘what’s cute about a vulture’ but, take my word for it he’s the cuddliest ball of fluff you’ll ever meet! 

Malcolm will be a huge part of the team with regards to education. The plan is to show people how unbelievably important vultures are to the ecosystem, what amazing birds they really are and how we can help save them in the wild! They’re suffering dreadfully at the moment, we’re likely to lose many species soon, if something isn’t done, so this is our way of getting the word out. 

We’re hoping that but introducing you to a vulture who can show you their amazing abilities and just how friendly he is, it might actually change a lot of people’s opinions about them. 

Yes, we know they have some less attractive abilities, but they are also beautiful, unique birds with some amazing superpowers too! 

Falconry & Wildlife Blog

You guys will remember our Mottled Owl babies – Mushu, Morph and Meeko, and of course our Long Eared Owl, Greg!

Well, they’re doing brilliantly. All in big aviaries now, building up muscle and practicing flying. Their training will begin soon so hopefully it won’t be long until they’re in our displays and experiences! 

The last baby to mention is, Rubeus, who is a seven-week-old, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl. An amazing species to have on our team, one of the largest Owls in the world and the largest Owl across the whole of Africa. He will be part of the display team and experience team too. Even this early on, it’s clear to see he’s going to be a favourite with visitors! 

Rubeus is a dream bird of ours, so we’re very much looking forward to working with him!

All our babies can be seen at the centre, they’re either in aviaries or will make an appearance at our Meet the Birds sessions, daily at 3.30pm!

If you have any questions about our birds or the wildlife, then get in touch! 

We’re always available for a chat up at the centre or if you see us around the estate!