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Leeds Castle News06 November 2020

Leeds Castle’s Annual Swan Check 2020

The Falconry & Wildlife Team conducted our annual swan check today (Friday 6th November 2020).

Every year the team safely catch all of our captive bred swans to check the

– Weight: Comparison to last year to ensure they are maintaining the
correct weight levels.

– Feather Condition: Check to see how the annual moult progressed or is
still progressing.

– Feet: Check for sores, cuts and abrasions.

– Microchips: Check if they are still working.

– Rings: Adding new Leeds Castle rings to make identifying individual
birds easier.

Once caught the swans are placed into a swan jacket which is designed to
restrict the movement of the swan. The jacket ensures that the swans do not
injure themselves during transit and can be taken to a secure pen.

The welfare and safety of the birds is our main concern, so all the methods
we use are humane and quick, so that there is less stress for the birds and
they are not harmed.

Once all the swans have been caught and processed they will then all be
released back onto the water.