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Rob Packman sitting down on a bench with his sculptures

Rob Packman

I’ve only been creating sculptures for around 4 years, I started by making practical art botscrapes (art you can wipe your feet on), coat hooks and elaborate bird tables. All out of wood from my log pile and scrap metal and bootfair junk. I was asked if I did ‘steampunk stuff’ which I did not know what it was but I came up with ‘woodpunkt art’. I taught myself to weld and basic woodworking skills. My art is ‘raw’ as I only have very basic tools to make my creations in my shed. I am an owner lorry driver and this is my release.


Back from Persecution

This sculpture represents the come back of large birds of prey to this country after years of being persecuted by gamekeepers and farmers. This is a Buzzard on a nest of traps and a gun as a twist on history.

A good friend dropped off a flytipped /discarded oak post full of nails, wire and other various attachments. I cleaned it up and it made a great base for this sculpture which is made various of tool blades, garden sheers, Tin snips, Lawn edges and more.

This is a sculpture that if you don’t have time to look you just won’t see, The more you look The more you see!

 PRICE: £6,000

To enquire about purchasing this sculpture please contact

Rob Packman sculpture birds of prey
Rob Packman squirrel with a twist sculpture

Twisted Squirrel

A Squirrel with a few twists, This sculpture was an idea that came into my head and just had to be created.

I had no idea what to make it from but a handful of large ring spanners made a pair of great feet. It went up from there, unfortunately it was too large when finished to get out of my shed, So I had to have a day making a clear exit for it!

If you don’t have time to look, you just won’t see. The more you look the more you will see with this sculpture.

PRICE: £5,000

To enquire about purchasing this sculpture please contact

Twit Twoo Twos

This sculpture came to be because I lost my way on another sculpture I was working on and just picked up some old oak slabbing from my log pile and made the parent and baby owl’s.

The wooden base is out of a roof of a 16th century farmhouse in stalisfield when it was replaced due to wood worm and other critter’s eating it. I cleaned it up and evicted it’s unwanted inhabitants (hopefully).

All of this sculpture has come from unwanted bootfair tool’s and scrap pile’s from various places.

 PRICE: £2,500

To enquire about purchasing this sculpture please contact

Rob Packman twit twoo twos sculpture
By the seaside

By the Seaside

This sculpture came about due to a boat anchor that I purchased at a bootfair, no idea why, I just didn’t have one.

I created the seagull to perch other said anchor but didn’t like it. So I made a lobster pot. The upright piece of wood is extremely old, was used in a barn, farmhouse or a boat to it’s last purpose where I found it, which was a makeshift drawbar for Sussex field rolls. The seagull is made from old tools and a vintage vehicle fuel pump.

PRICE: £2,500

To enquire about purchasing this sculpture please contact