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Ruth Moilliet

Ruth Moilliet has built an international reputation over the last twenty plus years producing bespoke limited edition artworks for the private, public and corporate sectors.

Her work is predominantly inspired by the plant kingdom, looking at the lifecycles and co-existence that enables the continued survival for all species involved.

Moilliet was born in Cheshire in 1971 and is now based in North Manchester.



Meadowleaf illustrates the decline of insects and the threat this has on the plant kingdom’s survival.

The sculpture portrays a swathe of flower cut-outs on 2 layers of a generic leaf form. These mirror and reflect one another as the viewer moves around the work. This repetition demonstrates the way flowers grow en-mass in our countryside but the void of the cutout hints at the danger that plant-life faces through the death of our insects and their decline in numbers. The insect forms usually included in Moilliet’s work are evidently absent.

The overall finish of the sculpture is satin polished but the section with the flowers are included is mirror polished so the viewer is reflected in the work asking them to consider man’s role within this decline.

 PRICE: £12,500

To enquire about purchasing this sculpture please contact