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Sophie Marsham

I am a London based sculptor who works with stainless steel, copper and reclaimed and recycled metals. At the Chelsea School of Art in London, I trained as a public artist and therefore much of my work is designed and made for installation in buildings or public spaces. This aspect of the work is very important to me; it is about getting art out of the gallery and into the public arena. I also create pieces for private commission.

The work usually begins with a surreal medley of raw materials, perhaps some stainless-steel medical equipment, teeth from large farm cutting machinery, circular saw blades and car suspension springs. A spring mattress becomes a sheep, garden shears become a bird or cutlery becomes fingers and toes. The sculptures may grow organically as new objects are found or added.

Each project is unique in terms of raw material and scale I have exhibited extensively in London and internationally.


I am very fascinated with observing natural objects in their environment, and always aware of beautifully repeated patterns found in nature, such as a bird’s feather or petals of a flower. It is often that the smallest objects have been created with the most thought and precision. I use this as a starting point, when designing new pieces. My work is often about creating something interesting from discarded utilitarian objects and encouraging the viewer to see beyond the obvious with a fresh eye. I often see beauty in the strangest thrown away object. The outcome of the work is always determined by the objects I find, which always challenges the creative process.


Copper and Blue Bead Flower

Copper, Glass, Resin and Stainless Steel

 PRICE: £720

To enquire about purchasing this sculpture please contact

Fairground Flower

Tin, Resin, Stainless Steel

PRICE: £720

To enquire about purchasing this sculpture please contact

Pen Nib Sun

Copper, Stainless Steel, Resin

 PRICE: £720

To enquire about purchasing this sculpture please contact

Clock Flower

Brass, Enamel, Resin, Stainless Steel

PRICE: £240 each

To enquire about purchasing this sculpture please contact