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Support | Conservation


Funds raised through admission tickets, retail, accommodation and catering are reinvested into vital and ongoing projects.


In recent years, over £2 million has been spent restoring the Castle’s outer stonework; an ongoing project that requires funding raised only through our hospitality, accommodation, catering, retail and visitor ticket sales.

During the late 19th century, it was common practice to use cement-based mortar on many heritage buildings, and again for post-war repairs during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.

Unfortunately, these ‘repairs’ did more harm than good, and in addition to centuries of general weathering, the cement mortar is to blame for the erosion on the Castle’s stonework today.

By using cement mortar instead of lime mortar, the stonework’s breathability was blocked; trapping moisture inside the stone. Inevitably, the damp stonework would then freeze during the winter, causing broken and spalling stone to appear on the Castle’s exterior.

As a result, major restoration projects were undertaken on the Castle exterior, the Maiden’s Tower, Gate Tower, Moat Bridge and the Gloriette.

In 1995, the work began with a series of smaller repairs to the walls and doors of the Castle. Further work was then undertaken to remove loose stonework, and in 2007, extensive maintenance began on the string courses, walls and windows. Other restoration projects include the removal of moss and plant growth around the walls, and the preservation of historic corbel stone remnants.

To uphold tradition, we aim always to use Kentish Ragstone to reflect the original appearance of the New Castle. Future plans include conservation of the Barbican and Fortified Mill, alongside this current restoration of the Castle turrets on the front elevation.

Despite invaluable revenue from admission tickets and events at the Castle, there are never enough funds raised to carry out all the important conservation work required, please consider giving the Leeds Castle Foundation a charitable donation.