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Merlin - White Faced Scops Owl
Past event

Meet the birds this Easter Weekend

Dive into a weekend of feathered fascination at Leeds Castle this Easter, showcasing an enchanting array of bird encounters. Amidst the historic beauty of Leeds Castle, immerse yourself in a celebration of avian wonders, from intimate raptor sessions to the thrilling Leeds Castle Airborne Shenanigans and delightful owl meet-and-greets.

Each event is crafted to bring you closer to the majestic world of birds, offering a blend of education, conservation, and the beauty of flight. Make your Easter unforgettable with a unique adventure that promises joy and discovery for bird enthusiasts and families alike.

Meet the birds

Come and meet some of the most super powered Raptors in the world….

We will be introducing you to some of the most incredible species of Bird of Prey in this upcoming close and personal session.  

You’ll have to opportunity to be eye to eye with these magnificent creatures, asking questions about them and seeing for yourself just why they are so awesome! 

There will be experienced Falconers on hand to answer all of your bird questions!

11:30am on the Crochet Lawn – Friday to Monday

Leeds Castle Airborne Shenanigans

Our 2:00pm display just got bigger!

As a special event for Easter Weekend, we will be running our daily 2:00pm display, but with twist! 

More birds, more flying, with a much closer encounter plus the opportunity to see some of these incredible species in action! 

2:00pm, 40 minutes display – Friday to Monday

Do you love Owls?

Meet a variety of beautiful Owls in our bird team! 

This session run by our very knowledgeable Falconers, allows an up close and personal view of many different Owl species. Different shapes and sizes, different personalities, and abilities. 

With photo opportunities and even the chance to stroke one if you’re feeling brave, you won’t want to miss this! 

3:30pm – Friday to Monday

Don’t miss out on this avian extravaganza – a perfect blend of education, entertainment, and the sheer joy of connecting with nature’s winged wonders!

Join us at Leeds Castle for an Easter Weekend filled with airborne marvels and unforgettable memories.