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Her castle

Discover Decades of Delicious Decadence

Her castle

Step into over 900 years of history

Leeds Castle is steeped in over 900 years of history. A glamorous history filled with strong and visionary women.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Medieval and Tudor times, as the Queens step out of the shadows of history, truly making Leeds Castle in Kent, Her Castle. Our cinematic experience gives voice to seven remarkable Queens, who each reveal their unique stories in their own words.

Glide into the 1930s and enter the private world of Olive, Lady Baillie. Discover fully immersive exhibitions inside the Castle that uncover hidden stories and previously unheard voices, which give fresh insights into life at Leeds Castle during this period.

Our rich and captivating history is ready for you to explore today!

Her Castle

Lady Baillie’s Story

Discover the life of Lady Olive Baillie who saved the Castle. Uncover her vision and careful design as she renovated the Castle into a 1930’s country house retreat, where the rich and famous partied all weekend.


Immerse yourself in the world of Leeds Castle’s seven historic queens.

Gifted, educated, cultured and intelligent conversationalists, these Queens with means were women born and raised to marry English Monarchs.

Allow us to take you on an untold journey through Medieval and Tudor times.

Queens with Means

History of the castle

Discover the lives of those who owned and commanded Leeds Castle from generation to generation and learn of the queens written out of history.

Tapestry Tales –  Leeds Castle’s Tapestries Tour

Among the treasures at Leeds Castle are 23 intricately detailed and expertly woven tapestries.  More than a quarter date from the 16th century and are of international significance.  Many were acquired by the last private owner of Leeds Castle, Olive, Lady Baillie, and her second husband, Arthur Wilson Filmer: the newly married couple bought Leeds Castle together in 1926 and furnished it in the medieval style.  Tapestries purchased from leading art dealers of the day were the perfect evocation of the period they were seeking to emulate and recalled the abiding influence of the Castle’s 13th-century owner, Queen Eleanor of Castile. 

Download the ‘Tapestry Tales’ to find out more about these fascinating tapestries.

Tapestries at Leeds Castle

An enchanting and enigmatic history for everyone to enjoy.