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man holding hedgehog in hand - seasonal wildlife - autumn
General19 October 2022

Autumnal Colours & Seasonal Wildlife Are Taking Over Leeds Castle

As autumn comes into full bloom, you gain a new appreciation for the masses of colour-changing trees.  There are several places to stand and admire all the brown, orange, red and yellow hues. The Silver Birch tree is a great example of this change. The tree provides hints of yellow as the leaves turn going into autumn. It’s a beautiful shot of colour before the leaves drop from the tree for winter.

Across the estate, you may find some spiky little critters, including one of the most adorable mammals, the Hedgehog.

This is a wonderful time to help our wildlife and hedgehogs are one of many that are vulnerable. They are very active this time of year. This one has been rescued from our play areas over the last few weeks. They love to forage for extra food to increase body weight to survive hibernation. 

Hedgehogs greatly benefit from food placed outside in your garden for them to gorge on to get fatter.  The more layers of fat they’re able to build the better chance they have of surviving what could be quite a harsh winter. So, if you have any spare food, it’s worth popping some out for your favourite local residents. 

It’s not only hedgehogs that are gorging. Badgers work very similarly by piling on the pounds to increase their body fat content. This means they will be more visible this time of year too. If you’re lucky enough to have badgers living in your area then you should definitely be keeping an eye out for them!

Falconry news now for you all!

We are starting to change the birds on display at the Birds of Prey Centre as the winter season approaches. We have birds that are more suited to being active in the colder months than the hotter months. Meaning on your next visit to the Birds of Prey Centre, you’ll meet some furry members of the team that haven’t been out for a while.

Firstly, Stella our big and beautiful Siberian Eagle Owl is undergoing her training to return to demonstrations. She’s a huge hit with visitors and one of the most stunning species of Owl on the planet. She will be back swooping over the tops of your heads (with her 6ft wingspan!) very soon! 

Stella will also be joined by Hendricks our cheeky Ural Owl. He’ll be joining the experienced team whilst some of our summer birds are having a well-deserved rest!

If you’ve seen our displays before, you’d surely remember Toddy our hybrid Kite, he’s due to return in the next few weeks, and if you haven’t seen him in action you really should!

Thank you for reading

As always if you have any questions, enquiries or even experiences you’d like to share then get in contact with us! Keep an eye out for our November blog! 

The Falconry & Wildlife Team I