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Weddings at Leeds Castle in Kent
Wedding04 October 2023

Leeds Castle Revealed as the Third Most Instagrammed Wedding Venue in the UK

Leeds Castle, located in the beautiful county of Kent, has recently claimed its position as the third most Instagrammed autumn/winter wedding venue in the UK with an impressive 117,000 hashtags on Instagram, wedding experts Aura Print has reported.

This historic castle, which underwent an extensive refurbishment by leading European designers in the 1920s and 1930s by its previous owner Lady Olive Baillie, boasts an interior that is both enticing and timeless. Whether you dream of a winter wedding in a fairy-tale castle or want to tie the knot against a backdrop of autumnal rustic charm, Leeds Castle effortlessly brings together romance and history across all its award-winning venues.

Glamorous Interiors

Leeds Castle’s interior is a testament to its rich history and refined elegance. After the Castle was refurbished by renowned European designers in the early 20th century, its interior was transformed into a space that exudes beauty and allure. The combination of medieval architectural features and exquisite design elements from the 1920s and 1930s creates a unique atmosphere that is sure to leave a lasting impression on couples and their guests.

Winter Wonderland Weddings

Imagine a winter wedding surrounded by the enchanting beauty of Leeds Castle. The Castle’s fairy-tale-like setting, complete with dramatic stone walls and flickering candlelight, sets the stage for a truly magical experience. The winter season offers the opportunity to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere, where guests can gather and celebrate love in the warm embrace of this historic castle. From exchanging vows in the Grand Salon to dancing the night away in the majestic celebrations room, Leeds Castle provides the backdrop for a wedding that dreams are made of.

Autumnal Rustic Charm

If you’re captivated by the warmth and beauty of autumn, Leeds Castle offers a picturesque backdrop that perfectly captures the essence of the season. Surrounded by sprawling gardens and a moat, the castle is engulfed by a stunning display of vibrant autumn colours. For those seeking an enchanting smaller wedding, the 14th century Battel Hall is a rare and fine example of local Kentish architecture of the period, creating a breath-taking setting for weddings infused with rustic charm and natural beauty.

A Historic Legacy of Romance

Leeds Castle’s allure goes far beyond its beauty. With a history that spans over nine centuries, the Castle has played host to numerous love stories. From medieval queens seeking refuge within its walls to glamorous parties attended by the elite, Leeds Castle serves as a testament to the enduring power of love. Choosing the 16th century Maiden’s Tower for an autumn/winter wedding not only guarantees a memorable experience but also connects couples to a legacy steeped in romance and tradition.

Leeds Castle’s ranking as the third most Instagrammed autumn/winter wedding venue in the UK is well-deserved, with Blenheim Palace taking the first spot and Hampton Court Palace securing the second. With its captivating interior, fairy-tale surrounds, and picturesque charm, Leeds Castle offers couples a truly enchanting setting to celebrate their love. Whether you’re drawn to the magical ambiance of a winter wedding or the rustic beauty of autumn, Leeds Castle effortlessly combines romance and history to create the perfect backdrop for your special day. As you exchange vows in this timeless castle, you’ll be creating memories that will last a lifetime.