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Diane MacLean

Diane Maclean is a sculptor and environmental artist who has exhibited her sculpture in major venues and completed many public art commissions in this country and abroad. An early career as a portrait painter took her to Canada, the USA and South Africa, winning many commissions over a period of 12 years. In 1980 while studying for her degree at the University of Hertfordshire she changed to sculpture, was chosen for the New Contemporaries exhibition in 1986 and was immediately successful, winning a commission for Stansted Airport in 1990. Many commissions followed and in 2014 her sculpture Open Book was gifted by HM The Queen to the City of Paris. Solo exhibitions include the Natural History Museum, London, Helsinki Museum, Art Gallery of Guelph, Salisbury Cathedral and most recently Burghley House.


Deep within us is an affinity with natural things. This can be in conflict with a love of technology, as new discoveries lead us away from contact with nature. In my work I try to find a balance between the two.

Capturing the ephemeral in substantial form is an ongoing challenge. Flight and winged creatures have long been an inspiration. I see the materials themselves as an important element in the work. I seek to bring their best qualities into view, in sculptures and installations that reflect light, have colour and sound, are suspended, have moving parts, and are therefore not static and unchanging.



Coloured stainless steel sculpture in the form of a bird’s neck, seen here in an indoor exhibition, but could be shown outside standing on paving. The colour is created by light and changes when seen from different viewpoints.

PRICE: £4,800

To enquire about purchasing this sculpture please contact

Birds on the Wing

A new work based on one that was commissioned for Farleigh House a few years ago. I have re-made the bird forms which are each welded to the top of a stainless steel tube. The new birds are more ‘feathery’. The birds can be placed among bushes, like in the photo at Farleigh or among flowers. Each tube has enough length to be pushed into the ground about half a metre, very simple. Here are 4 photos. The first is of the original piece at Farleigh House. The second is of the bird in process at Birch Engineering, my fabricators, and third of one of the new birds without its tube – work in progress. I am making 7 in all – some will have wings more raised and 2 will be on shorter tubes to go among flowers.

 PRICE: £840 for all 7

To enquire about purchasing this sculpture please contact

Leaf Cradle

A leaf-shaped cradle suspended in the trees, catches leaves and light. The brushed polished stainless steel form and lines of stainless steel chain pick up light wonderfully well. The leaves are seen through the sculpture.

PRICE: £2,100

To enquire about purchasing this sculpture please contact

Pyramid of Light

A pyramid of stainless steel mesh, with a stainless steel bird suspended inside it, picks up light on its surfaces and edges in different lights, as does the bird. There is an option of having a polished base, but the sculpture can be simply set on grass, a photos show. There is a smaller version – they can be shown together.

 PRICE: £2,280 for Large and £456 for Small

To enquire about purchasing this sculpture please contact