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Leeds Castle News24 August 2020

Ways to Support Leeds Castle – from shopping online to volunteering!

Leeds Castle Foundation is a charitable organisation which works hard to preserve our beautiful castle for now and for future generations. It takes passion and commitment to keep the window to 900 years of history open, and we rely on charitable donations and a group of dedicated volunteers to support us.

There are many ways in which you can support “the Loveliest Castle in the World”, either in person or remotely:

In Person
This is at the top because we feel it is the most important. We want you to visit us, enjoy our national treasure and explore the wonders that our Castle and grounds have to offer. Leeds Castle is just a building (albeit a very beautiful one) if there is no one to enjoy it; our visitors help it come to life, and we absolutely love to host you all year round. When you book your ticket and pay for a day, your ticket will be valid for 15 months after your visit – we want you to return again and again.

Amazon Smile
When you shop online with Amazon, you can register Leeds Castle as your favourite cause and for every transaction you make, they will donate a percentage of your payment to the Leeds Castle Foundation – you don’t even have to do anything! Sign-up Here!

Easy Fundraising
This is similar to Amazon Smile, in that a percentage of your online shop will go to our foundation. The main difference is that on this site, there are loads more retailers who are willing to make donations to great causes – and all through one sign-up. You might be shopping for train tickets, or you might be buying a new outfit – it all adds up!

We’ve recently teamed-up with Roundups which is an app that lets you donate extra pennies when you shop. If something comes to £3.97, you can round up to £4 and donate the extra 3p to Leeds Castle. We know that times are tough at the moment, so appreciate every penny that our donors have to give.

We have a band of amazing volunteers who perform a whole host of duties for us – there are lots of different ways in which you can volunteer with us. If you have a passion and talent for music, you can play our beautiful 19th Century grand piano or our stunning organ; if you have an interest in wildlife and want to help us maintain our flora and fauna, as well as take care of our water fowl and peacocks, you can be a wildlife volunteer and we also have falconry volunteers who help with our animal husbandry and taking care of our majestic birds of prey. Volunteering has been scientifically proven to improve mental health and help you live longer – and it’s an incredibly rewarding way to give something back.